Orange Belt Testing 2015

Shaolin Taichi Cultural Center uses a belt system to rank the students. Sifu Yuan will notify the students if they are ready to test.

Shifu Yuan Demonstrating Snake

Many Shaolin kung fu forms imitate animals. Snake is one example, others include tiger, panther, crane and dragon.

Shifu Yuan and Theodore

Shifu Yuan and Theodore strike a pose during the Chinese New Year Celebration in Las Vegas Chinatown in 2012.

Students Practice Kung Fu Chuan

Students practice the elbow technique in the Kung Fu Chuan form.

Children Awaiting their Turn

Students patiently wait on the mats for their turn to practice the forms.

Shifu Yuan Demonstrating Eagle Claw

Eagle and Crane are two types of animal bird forms of Shaolin Kung Fu.

Children's Class

Young Students are ready to perform Kung Fu Chan.

Shifu Yuan Brandishing a Guandao

A Quandao is a Chinese long pole weapon developed in the 3rd Century AD by a famous General named Guan Yu.

Theodore Demonstrates a Hand Form.

For his tenth birthday, Theodore insists on performing a kung fu form at the party. He is in a traditional horse stance.

Shifu Yuan Prepares to Break a Stick

Shifu Jie holds a stick and waits for Shifu Yuan to concentrate his Qi. This is the moment before impact.

Students Joi and Chau at the International Chinese Martial Arts Champmionship (ICMAC) in 2013

Here the two female students pose at the Tuscany Suites Casino after competing in Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

Shifu Yuan and Long Staff

The Long Staff is a traditional weapons form. The four basic traditional weapons are long staff, spear, straight sword and broad sword.

Small Students Waiting to Perform

Students at the Chinese New Year Performance at the Galleria Mall in 2015.

Kids Meditate

Sifu Yuan teaches the children to meditate before class begins.

Shifu Yuan and Students at the Henderson Mall

Shifu Yuan and his students pose before the school banner prior to a performance during Chinese New Year 2015.

Shifu Yuan Demonstrating Eagle Claw

Shifu Yuan is posing in the traditional Twisting Sitting Stance. Other stances include the Bow Stance, Horse Stance and Cat Stance.

The Students Goof Off

Students awaiting to perform at the Galleria Mall in 2015.

Shifu Yuan Performing Seven Star

Seven Star is a traditional Shaolin empty hand form. You can see it performed over and over again in the movie, Shaolin (2011) starring Andy Lau. The film features Shifu Yuan's Kung Fu Brother, Shi Xiaohung portraying a Shaolin Monk.

Shifu Yuan, Joi and Chau at World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day.

This is an annual event held the last Saturday of April each year to promote the related disciplines of tai chi and qi gong in nearly eighty countries since 1999. Participants from several hundred cities across Asia, Oceania, Africa, Europe, North America and South America celebrate in mass exhibitions and free classes.

Students at the Playground

The students relax at a playground before performing at a middle school during Halloween in 2015.

ICMAC in 2013

Many times, Shifu Yuan and Shifu Jie will participate as judges for Martial Arts tournaments. They pose with students, Joi and Chau at the International Chinese Martial Arts Championships.

Little Students Perform at the Galleria Mall 2015

Shaolin Taichi Cultural Center perform at the Galleria Mall in 2015 for Chinese New Year.

Shifu Yuan Performs Pudao at Chinese New Year in 2012

Every year in the Chinatown in Las Vegas, a stage is erected in the parking lot to show martial arts demos and other Asian Cultural Activities during Chinese New Year. Shifu Yuan demonstrates the pudao, or horse cutter, a Chinese edged infantry weapon.

News & Events

Our One Year Anniversary!
  • Sunday, June 7, 2015 at 11:00am
Celebrate Our One Year Anniversary wtih us! Enjoy the Master and Student Demo and Potluck Lunch! Sign-up at the front desk. Invite all your family and friends.

What Students Say

"Learning is fun with Shifu Yuan. He can break complicated kung fu movements systematically down so they are easy to follow. All the kids love him! "

Sandra Chang-Adair, Student

"Shifu Yuan is a great Tai Chi Instructor. He is patient and thorough with every movement he teaches. Through his guidance, I am able to apply what I have learned to my every day life. My health, breathing and stress have been tremendously improved since I've trained with Shifu Yuan."

Ngoc-Chau Nyugen, Student